Pension Annual Settlement

And now, more than the actual order of registration.

1. Refine by phone, whose days in the week and what time you can the district administration of the fund go to contact in your area. Perhaps the management of your acceptance of papers on this subject a few times a week and only during certain hours.

2. Also, whether by phone, documents and copies of documents you should submit. Do not be surprised, but the list of documents will be greater than specified in the regulations. You need to prepare to apply for a lump sum of pension funds:
- A certificate and a copy thereof;
- A passport and a copy (the first sheet and application);
Exception if the list of local authorities in a lump sum RPF candidates recommended to provide a certificate of the bank, which contains all the necessary information. “The transfer of funds within one month from the date of the decision to pay a lump sum usually zayavleniya.Kak grant comes at the expense of exactly two months after the application.

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Another important point. Even if you are eligible for a lump sum pension funds, may be rejected by a disclaimer, when the last time (after receipt of the certificate to the board) have a change of position. First, the authority of the fund at the request of the owner must be sent by mail a request by the former residents of the expulsion of the personal belongings. private matter necessary to determine the balance of pension funds.
If after the change of residential address belongs geographically to another administration of the pension fund and the payment of a lump sum payment Annuity Settlements process does not notify the Fund of a change of residence, the application will not be accepted. The declaration, after receiving the staff of the old residence to be made.

Requests for lump sum pension payment at the same time as the application for registration in the former residence of the pension fund will not be accepted.
Under paragraph 2 of the Decree of the President of the United States on 24 February 2010 N247 “to lump sum payments for certain categories of citizens of the United States in the 65th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945″ The U.S. Government:
1. To approve the terms attached lump sum payments for certain categories of citizens of the United States in the 65th Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941 to 1945.

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2. Costs associated with the financial security of a fixed amount below the 65 anniversary of the victory found in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (including the cost of delivery) to citizens within the meaning of paragraph 2 of the Regulations approved by the present resolution:
These rules govern the procedure for lump sum payments to certain U.S. citizens, permanent residents of the United States (hereinafter – the citizens), as part of the 65th Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (hereinafter – lump sum).
2. A lump sum is paid Annuity Settlements:
3. A lump sum for citizens to provide for the purposes of paragraph 2 of this Regulation:
4. Nationals for the purposes of paragraph 2 of this regulation, the inclusion of two pension or a monthly pension, and retired judges from different organs, the payment of a lump sum payment of the territorial bodies of the Pension Fund of the United States.
Citizens are entitled to receive a fixed amount for several reasons, the only payment at the base to ensure a higher amount than the lump sum offers.
In the case of a single lump sum after the implementation of the document confirms the right to receive a higher amount is appropriate surcharge.

5. To involve the application of the lump sum U.S. pension funds, other institutions in the field of judicial pensions and life insurance, and eligible institutions of the executive branch of the United States shall exchange information relating to the requirements of U.S. law.
6. made nationals referred to in paragraph 2 of this Regulation, the payment of a lump sum on the basis of tax social security available organs and provides monthly pension or pensions judge, documents with relevant data (including the grounds referred to in paragraph 5 Annuity Settlements of this Regulation for the exchange of information) without request additional documentation to confirm their legal status.
In the absence of data for these facilities by paying a lump sum to the citizens of the request is required. produced in this case, the justification of the relevant documents from these institutions.
7. Nationals for the purposes of Annuity Settlements paragraph 2 of this Regulation, residing in a state or local social service hospital, a lump sum in full.
8. The lump sum payment made in April 2010, unless provided by the third subparagraph of paragraph 4 and the second paragraph of Article 6 of the Regulations, if the payment of a lump sum payment can be made available later.

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