Pension benefits

Part 1

early retirement is an easy way to happiness
Social security and retirement
Social Security is part of the pension benefits of almost all American workers. If you
one of the 96 percent of workers
Provided by Social Security
need to know how the system works and you
received from Social Security when you leave pension benefits
Retirement. This brochure explains how
To be eligible for social security benefits,
your salary and age can affect the
taking into account the level of pension benefits, you must decide
retirement and why, identify their
pension income, we must rely not only on

grandpa and kid
This booklet contains general information about
Social Benefits Retirement pension benefits Security
and answer all questions. To
More detailed information about your situation, you should
Negotiations with representatives of social security
Your pension
How to get the right to pension
If you work and pay taxes on Social
ensure that you earn “points” that you
The right to receive social security benefits.
The number of points for you
Retirement benefits depends on your year
Birth. If you were not born before 1929, you must
40 points (10 years of service).
If you stop working, no number
Points to get enough profits, they still
remain in the account of social security. then return to work, you will be able to increase
Scores and therefore qualified to
Benefits. But this is not accumulated enough
Points, you do not receive a pension.
What will be the amount of retirement benefits?

The size of your benefit depends on how much you
earned during their career. The overall increase
Wages throughout their life,
highest level of benefits. If you’re not a little work
Years or some time, given the small
Wages is the amount of your benefits may be less
in a stable job history.
On the benefit is also influenced by the age of retirement.
If you retire at age 62 (at the earliest
possible retirement age), the height of your achievements
will be lower later retirement. More
This is explained in more detail.
NOTE: Every three months before
Birthday, you will receive an explanation of Social Security
Software. It can give you valuable assistance
Planning a stable financial future. This
Report provides an overview of your salary and the approximate
The calculations of benefits at different
Retirement age. It also includes a calculation of benefits
On disability, you will receive if
disability before retirement. Also
These calculations of benefits to survivors
Social Security pays your
Spouses and close family members in the event of your death.
Full retirement age
“Full Retirement Age is 65 for those
were born before 1938. After a long
Life expectancy in the Law on
Provision was amended to phase
increase retirement age to 67 years. This
Change applies to people born before 1938
In the table below you can define your
age of full retirement.
The right to an old age pension benefits are manhood, at the age of 60 years and women aged 55, in the presence of at least 5 years of insurance (the total duration of work or other activities at the k-RYH payment of insurance premiums in the U.S. pension benefit, funds, taking into account other scheduled periods. jurisprudence). Dep. Groups of people have the right to work early age pensiipo appointment. work disability pension in case of disability, in the presence of limited capacity, III, II or I-level, as determined by medical indications working set. Entitled to a survivors’ pension of family members with disabilities deceased breadwinner, being on his or her parents. disabled citizens with permanent residence in the United States are entitled to a social pension. superannuation and work may consist of a base, insurance and storage units. survivor pension – basic and insurance. Law on Pension Security in the USA”The size of the basic parts of pensions and partial funding of the pension benefit of work and fund accounting in the personal account of citizens defined spring. Act on Pension Insurance binding in the USA “(2001).

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