Pension Loan

Right to appoint an early retirement lump sum pension are: women who have delivered 5 or more children, and mothers with disabled children

Theaters or theater organizations and entertainment, the citizens who reside permanently in the North and worked as shepherds, fishermen and hunters and fishermen.

Entitled to a pension loan sum under the state pension are: federal employees, military personnel, members of the Great Patriotic War, people affected by disasters or man-made radiation, citizens netrudos-posobnye.

Types of State Pensions. pension fund, pension, disability pension, a social pension loan on retirement.part of the overall protection of workers in old age, invalidity and survivors.

The role played by the system state. Penny software.

pension amount is determined by the value of wages and the census conducted by the insurance premiums.

However, in all countries, there is the organization penny functionality.

Thus, in the U.S. pension loan system, security was introduced in 1935 by law, a tion-(with numerous amendments) applies Nast, Time.

an old man is smelling flowers

Applies to permanent employment for workers and freelancers.

There are no special offers. pension system to provide employees on the railroad, federal employees and most employees of state governments and local authorities.

Funding Source NAT support funds. Insurance ation in the United States is a federal state. budget.

Pension is paid from 65 (shortened. equal to 62-64 years).

For a pension, you must have min. insurance or pay premiums for 40 quarters (10 years).

The amount of pension calculated at market gains, ation was received by the insured at the age of 22-62 years, except for 5 years with the lowest incomes.

Pensions are indexed automatically based on the cost of living. family allowance is paid at a rate of 50% of the pension lump sum.

The elderly in the United States to supplement the benefits: free medical care, free medicines, food aid, low pay rent (about $ 100 per month).

The invalidity pension loan shall be appointed by a common disease, which lasts at least a year or a lifetime.

The survivor’s pension shall be appointed for a surviving spouse or a divorced spouse who was married for 10 years, 65 years at a rate of pension to 100% of the deceased.

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